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9 - 13 November 2006

Galleria Italia "意大利画廊"

Shapes and Colours of Venice 意大利风格与色凋
Grand Theatre Gallery - Shanghai (China) 大戏院展览会 - 上海

Two worlds which are divided by time and space, that can however communicate and get to know each other through the universal language of Art. This all time first event in the pulsating heart of China houses the work of contemporary artists who recount a story of colours and shapes of the Veneto Region as it is today. Paintings and sculptures, glassware and mosaics, fashion and haute couture, together represent the very essence of the Veneto, offspring of the Serene Republic. This first step taken by the Veneto artists is also meant to be an exchange invitation to China's artists. Its aim is to open up a pathway for Art and communication which leads to both knowledge and friendship.

After the last year experience with the exhibition "Shapes and Colours of Venice" at the Shanghai Art Museum, the event has been proposed again with the patronage of the General Consulate of Italy in Shanghai and it has been part of the "Italian year in China".

A new comparison situation between Western and Eastern on the rich soil of art; a contemporary art exhibition narrating shapes, colors and art trends of contemporary Italy.

The exhibition, organized in the National Art Gallery “GRAN THEATRE GALLERY” (one of the well-know and accomplished chinese art-galleries) in Shanghai, in People’s square, occuped a 350 sqm area. It was a showcase of suggestions, motifs and chromatic harmony that was made more captivating with poems by the same artists enriching with sounds and rithms the expositive itinerary.

The exhibition,looked after by Nazzarena Landolina architect, aims to connect together different points of view from Italian art production and aestetic experience where art gain strength and transform itself comparing different art languages, experiences and creative activities. Perceivable, perceptive and intuitive experiences have a predominant role. This is why, together visual art-works, will be exhibited creations of haute couture, jewelery, video and poems in order to explain the close connection between different aestetic and artistic expressions, between art and industrial or handcrafted works. This relationship all along has caracterized and enforced our culture creating the well-know and appreciated "Made in Italy" idea.

(extract from the exhibition catalogue)