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1 - 6 November 2005

Shapes and Colours of Venice

Shanghai Art Museum - People's Square - Shanghai (Cina)

Two worlds which are divided by time and space, that can however communicate and get to know each other through the universal language of Art. This all time first event in the pulsating heart of China houses the work of contemporary artists who recount a story of colours and shapes of the Veneto Region as it is today. Paintings and sculptures, glassware and mosaics, fashion and haute couture, together represent the very essence of the Veneto, offspring of the Serene Republic. This first step taken by the Veneto artists is also meant to be an exchange invitation to China's artists. Its aim is to open up a pathway for Art and communication which leads to both knowledge and friendship.
TANTARTE, an association which has always been involved in promoting multidisciplinary art events, together with NORTHEAST GROUP, who specialises in marketing Italian companies in China as well as setting up multimedia events, are both responsible for organising this exhibition.
Local and national institutions, such as the administration sector of the Veneto Region and the Italian Consulate in Shanghai are patrons of this event and are fully aware of its communicative and cultural significance.
The event comprises four sections, has 86 Veneto artists exhibiting paintings, sculptures, designer jewellery and glassware, together with the "living sculptures" of haute couture.

(extract from the exhibition catalogue)