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8 - 20 October 2010

From Venetia to Balkans (Dalla Venetia ai Balcani)

Sculptures and paintings by Luciano Longo, Sonja Dimitrova and Yuliya Borisova Kunova
Cloister of San Francesco’s monastery - Treviso (Italy)

As usual, also this year the artist Luciano Longo, in collaboration with Tantarte association, will exhibit his art works in Treviso together with stranger artists: after Vladimir Kara, French painter born in Russia, and Karl Löff from Austria now he will exhibit his works with the Bulgarian and Macedonian artist Sonja Dimitrova and with the Bulgarian Yuliya Borisova Kunova. The works from these three artists are very different in a poetic view but also in the technic field (paintings on canvas, artistic textile installation and sculptures with various materials) but this is why the exhibition look as a fascinating opportunity of comparision between different cultures and different artistic experiences and skills. The three artists share a strong experience in the field of interior and exterior decoration in private villas in Europe and abroad.


Friday 8 October 2010
h. 6:40 p.m.
in the cloister of San Francesco's monastery - Treviso (Italy)

presented by prof. Ernesto Brunetta

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