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8 - 16 November 2006

Shapes and Colours of Venice

Exhibition organized by TANTARTE association
Italian Embassy - IIC - Beijing (China)

In a passage of his 'Naturalis Historia' Plinius Maior, the well-known Latin naturalist, biographer and historiographer, describes China as the best silk manufacturing country, a wonderland world that produces those marvels that, by land and by sea, business convey to the western villas and palaces. Nevertheless, it is perhaps thanks to the Venetian Marco Polo's tale that China remains engraved in our eyes and talks as a land to cross through, to know and to consider as a potential friend.

Both Venice and Pechin are cities rich of art and history. Endowed with a millennial culture, they are doors facing east and west, open to new possible scenarios of cooperation and peace. Art and poetry, at all times open fields to imagination, can actually envisage new ways of common development with the utmost respect of ancient and present differences and affinities.

Although time and space separate China and Italy to the point of making of these countries two sharply different worlds and cultures, these two fascinating universes can know each other and communicate through the boundless language of art.

(extract from the exhibition catalogue)